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Location, location, location!

Location, location, location!

Excellent resource! I myself use some of these to explore new places to take photographs but there a few new ideas! Love it!

SL Blogger Support

If you are opening this post in the hope to find an epic list of LM’s with cool, up to date,  locations for photo-shoots, then I need to perhaps disappoint you.
But I am going to talk about locations though, as one of the most asked questions in inworld groups is “anyone know a sim with..< insert, preferably vague, theme here > ?” followed by the other famous cry for help “what is the LM for <insert a current, often popular, event here> ?”

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Vegas Nights

I have several outfits in my inventory that are in various stages of being “put together”. Usually what galvanizes me to get these outfits completed is the procurement of something new. Then my brain kicks in and has an “Ah Ha!” moment and I know exactly what I’m going to do with this new item!

Well this was one of those moments because I picked up the newest member of the Glamistry line, the Eranthis Heels. They come in versions for Slink, Belleza and Maitreya high feet. As soon as I saw them I knew exactly what “unfinished” outfit in my inventory these beautiful heels would go with, this classy dress suit from PurpleMoon Creations was just the ticket! The top, pants and blazer are all separate pieces so they can be mixed and matched or worn together. Topping it off is a November release from Truth Hair, the Aida hairstyle. I love this hair! To pull the look together I searched through my inventory for some accessories that would complete the look. The Ashlyn Handbag is by JK Style and was a group gift for SLF&O at the Fresh Style Event a month or so ago and the Sunglasses are from B&W but I’m not sure where I picked these up but they are wonderful!

The hubby even got dressed up and came with me to take a photo. He loves R3volt clothing and his pants and shirt are from this wonderful designer. The shoes are from Lapointe & BastChild and his mohawk (don’t touch the hawk!) is from The Stringer Mausoleum and he has had both of these for a long time. Obviously he’s not a much of a shopaholic as his wife 😉 … Isn’t he handsome!!


Vegas Nights

Female Outfit Credits:

  • PurpleMoon Creations: Dresha Blazer, Pants & Top (Keep Calm and Give Me Candy Hunt Gift)
  • Glamistry: ERANTHIS Heels (New Release)
  • JK Style: Ashlyn Handbag – Black/White Checker (Fresh Style SLF&O Gift)
  • B&W: DIVINA Sunglasses (Unknown, no info on properties)
  • TRUTH HAIR: Aida (November Release)

Male Outfit Credits:

Other Credits:

  • Pose: AE Poses – Steampunk 9 (Unable to locate, LM I had is empty space)
  • Location: Las Vegas City
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Comfy Moments

It’s been a long week and it’s only Tuesday!! But that’s how it goes sometimes.

I’m in a mood to just veg on the couch and be comfortable. Let my mind just relax and de-stress. I’ve had these lovely PJs from FieraOcity in my inventory for awhile & they are just perfect for laying around the house. I threw on this adorable pony tail from enVOGUE & this look is complete! Enjoy!

Comfy Moments


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Home Away From H ome

It finally snowed today (blah) and it’s been a Monday :/ … The last week has been kinda crazy and my blog has been neglected! I’ve had a few pictures I’ve taken but the bits and parts were in shambles on my computer. So tonight I decided to sit down and regroup in my “home away from home”, the place where I can explore and dream and dance like no one is watching. Where I can spread my creative wings and grow and learn in that direction.

With this dreary world around me I am glad this outfit is very colorful! It cheers me up and I love that it can be worn at a club or a classy restaurant. The dress is by KC Couture and I picked it up for a steal on Marketplace during the limited time special! There is a color change HUD with 40 color options for the dress and belt (a steal at any price)! It also comes with a great pair of heels for Slink High Feet but I wanted to wear these beautiful heels from Glamistry called Galla. These also have a color change HUD with 12 color options for 3 separate shoe parts and 3 metal options. I love them!! They go with everything from jeans to a formal gown. I am lovin’ this look! Enjoy!

Home Away From Home


  • KC Couture: AERYN – Dress (Marketplace)
  • Glamistry : GALLA Heels (with color change HUD, also for Belleza and The Mesh Project feet)
  • Analog Dog: pop scotch – blacks (Hair Fair 2014 Gift)
  • Nail Me!: Slink Fingernails Spotted in Color (former Hunt Gift)
  • WoW Skins: Rafaela DarkTan (my usual skin I purchased at an Event months ago)
  • Mayfly: Deep Sky Eyes Onyx (former Group Gift)
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Winter Goodies

I’m not a fan of winter, as you’ve probably guessed. It’s cold, I dislike driving in snow very much. I don’t ski, snowboard, snowmobile or even make snow angels! And winter can be so depressing! But we will not got there!! I do love soup, hot drinks, fluffy sweaters, snuggling with the hubby and the cat and I love slippers!!

Well I went browsing through my inventory and came across lovely London Coat from Hilly Haalan which is absolutely beautiful! The mock neck sweater is inset as part of the coat. And I love these gorgeous heels from Glamistry called Galla which I have blogged before. (Did I say how much I love shoes?? I love shoes!!) These are so versatile and beautiful! I love them!! Also, for a limited time, La Boheme had two free Mani/Pedi gifts available, one of which I am wearing here called EdenBlack. And the skin I’m wearing is not my usual but I’ve had it sitting in my inventory for awhile. It’s from RyuuKou and it was a former group gift. The skin comes with a bright pink lip color which didn’t go with this outfit so I overlaid this lovely red lipstick that I’d won from Wow Skins Lucky Letter boards several months ago. I topped it all off with one of my favorite hairstyles, Tricia by elua. The look is absolutely fabulous! Enjoy!

Winter RomanceCredits:

  • Hilly Haalan: London Coat Red (former SLF&O group gift)
  • Glamistry: GALLA Heels
  • elua: Tricia Darkbrown (purchased at Hair Fair 2014)
  • La Boheme: EdenBlack *Slink* Manicure (free limited time gift)
  • WoW Skins: Red lipstick (won from the LL boards)
  • RyuuKou: jasmin (former group gift)
  • Mayfly: Deep Sky Eyes Onyx (former group gift)
  • Slink: Avatar Enhancement Hands & Feet (blender R18)


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Sunday Sevensies: Connections

I enjoyed the reminders of the regular maintenance required to have a “health and happy” blog. Thank you!


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In Pursuit of Happiness

In the Declaration of Independence it says that we the people have the right to pursue happiness. To me that means I need to go out & find my own happiness. I am responsible for deciding what brings me joy & happiness. That is why my daily mantra is “If it’s meant to be, it’s up to me”.

My wonderful husband is a great source of joy & happiness for me. He’s amazing! My kids are another. They are tough & strong & courageous & full of adventure. Family & friends that are loving & supportive also bring happiness to my life. I feel blessed!

And then there are SHOES! I love shoes! My hubby, bless his heart, teases me mercilessly about my shoe fetish! But I just can’t get enough! I have enough shoes to fill a whole region, maybe more than one! Shoes fabulous shoes! … Shoes make me happy 🙂

I Love Shoes!

In your pursuit of happiness, I hope you not only find it but also spread some joy and love along the way. And I hope those of you that embrace a shoe fetish as I do, get lots of shoes this year! Enjoy!


  • Loordes of London: Cannes Biker Jacket (Holiday Gift in December)
  • Allure: Rebel Denim Jeans Ripped w/Cuff (Group Gift)
  • Glamistry: LANTANA Ankleboots for Slink High Feet (also for Belleza)
  • eXxEsS : CHIMERA Dark Brown (purchased a few months ago)
  • 7 Deadly s{K}ins: Group Gift (January 2015)
  • Glaze: Glazed Slink Nail Polish for Slink (Group Gift)
  • Slink: Avatar Enhancement Hands & Feet
  • Mayfly:  Deep Sky Eyes Onyx (former Group Gift)

Shoe props: (Some of these were Group Gifts or hunt prize and some I purchased)

  • L.Warwick: Aurora -Oxford Heels- Cherry
  • KC Couture: ANDRINA for Slink High Feet
  • Alyce: Canvas Sneakers
  • 9ty: Flowers Black! Slink Mid Feet
  • FieraOcity: Daughters of Darkness SLink High Heels Gold
  • Hollywood: Black Suede Ziphora Boots (I could not find a current LM, sorry!)
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